On Being a Part-Time Maker. The Musings of a Desk-Jockey.


I hope this doesn’t get too existential.

Part-time maker. Can anyone actually be a part-time maker? I feel that being a maker is a full-time job no matter if you actually do this as a full-time paid job. My mind is constantly working. Seriously, I cannot turn it off. At work, I am doodling or imagining new projects, on walks I always find myself in alleys taking pictures of unique doors, finding fun garbage or jumping into a couple dumpsters looking for beams or metal. I find inspiration EVERYWHERE.

I have a full-time office job like many  makers. I would LOVE to make this a full-time paid gig, but for right now, that isn’t financially feasible because we are saving up for a house and a kid. Sorry if that got too personal.

But just because I am not at the shop working on new projects or making videos as often as I would like, I am constantly using my skills as a maker to keep busy. This is why I feel that I am a full-time maker regardless of the fact that I am actually a desk-jockey by day.

After reading hundreds of maker blogs, listening to thousands of hours of maker podcasts and personal conversations with makers much more popular than I, I realize that being a full-time paid maker would be very difficult. It is a 24/7 job that requires a lot of attention to so many different variables to actually make a buck. It sounds like a daunting experience and I am wary that we will not make enough money to keep the lights on. These are my fears. These are the thoughts that keep holding me back from pursuing this as a full-time paid job. I am very comfortable with taking on client work as I have done for years. I have started YouTube channel and would love endorsement deals but those are VERY hard to obtain. Will it all be enough? Will my wife make enough money to float us and so that we can have a kid in the next few years? There are so many variables.

Despite all my fears and trepidations, I cannot think of anything else on this planet that I would rather be doing. I wake up thinking about creating and go to bed wishing I had done more that day. I have spent years in the NGO community working on disaster management and now I am a Federal worker, yet nothing gives me more pleasure than being covered head to toe in saw dust or metal shavings or picking glue out from under my nails. My family has a history in the trades as far back as ancestry.com can tell us. From farmers, to tradesmen, perhaps it is in the blood? Ok, so passion is not a concern because I have never been accused of a lack of that. Can I deal with hard work and pressure? Well, you try managing 40 different-aged volunteers in a disaster shelter, while caring for over 2,000 evacuees while the mountains are on fire a few miles away. Ya, I think I can deal.

So it appears that the scary parts of pulling the trigger on this aren’t so scary when I break them down 1 by 1. And hey, if I can’t make money, I can just find a job again, right? At least on a part-time basis…

In the end, I may be a part-time maker for now. But in my mind and my spirit, I am and always have been a full-time maker. One day, I will hopefully get paid to be one.

I will leave this post as I should leave all of them, with a poem, a musing, I wrote on this topic.

What is it to comprehend and explain one’s true purpose in life? How do I try and explain to people who I am and what makes me unique? When I look deep into my soul, I am a tinkerer, a creator, a maker of things. But I cannot be held down by those simple explanations. Inside, I am a fixer, an organizer, a methodical maniac, a restless and irritable introvert. I find it hard to explain my purpose and what I feel is my life path. If I had the option to live my passion, I would work for myself, alone, tinkering away in my workshop, teaching others, inspiring to create, living my dreams. I want a boat. I want a wind powered vessel to carry me to adventurous locations, to sleep on the waves, to risk life and limb in the pursuit of finding peace in my heart and mind. I am a restless person who gets bored easily and I need constant activity and newness that comes with working for myself, being unaccountable to an overreaching overlord. Freedom for me is forging my own path, working for the soul benefit of my family, and not ever apologizing for my actions, thoughts, or dreams. Too many wasted tears have been spent in the pursuit of other’s goals, of working towards other’s wealth and happiness. The next phase of my life will be spent fulfilling my own selfish goals of rewarding work for acceptable pay. The next years will bring happiness, contentment, and a rejuvenation of my original purpose.

I hope you enjoyed the read through and learned a little bit about the process. As always, don’t forget to head over to my Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Patreon page to show your support so that I can continue to make awesome content like this.

Thanks for reading!

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