In the blink of an eye, everything can change. Be it love, life, your soul. Carefulness goes so far. Timidity will not prepare you. Aggressive actions can harm just as fast they can cure. Rushing into something can sometimes be a good thing. They can sometimes be the last and only resort. Pull it off quick. Do not give fate a chance to screw it up again. Do not apologize or ask permission, just run full steam ahead and jump towards the finish line. Sometimes this is the best bet. Sometimes, this can save your life. When you feel exhausted and like all of your options are gone. When you feel sleepy although you are wide awake. When you feel you have tried to change the direction of your life for the better just to find out that you are still trapped. JUMP! Try not to be afraid. Focus on the positives. Do not look back. Climb that mountain and reach the top. Once there, leap out as far as you can. If you truly believe you will fly, maybe you will. But you won’t know until you jump.

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