And when I sleep, I dream for the break of nights long rest upon my temples and coursing through my skin. My veins are highways of life, coagulated with the bloated cells of memory, for reprieve and recharge. I beg for the sun, the warmth, on my skin. To feel it’s embrace and hug, scent of orange blossom, ringing buzz of bees, clipped scent of the broken blades of grass. Under heels, life flows and the world turns. Ants march and worms wiggle their ways through vast labyrinths unseen. Twisting paths of life under our world in the great dance. The awakening comes on strong and at the same time, languid. Bleary eyes, sun bleached smiles. A yawn to the world, announcing yet another glorious attempt to suck it all dry. Again we march on, again we drink of the life of this land, of the many lives and paths, intertwined, constantly shifting and arcing. And the steady beat of life goes on.

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