A walk in the forest, a paddle on the water, splashing in the puddles, foraging for wood, life begins. Dust in the face, steel ribbons in the hair, grease stained rims, coffee on the breathe, the search continues. A startle in the night, searching for the light, a reassuring caress, sight coming clear, focus returning. Weekend play, weekend walks, weekend smiles. Night cuddles, night chocolate, night kisses, sleep. Bacon coffee Saturdays, hammock trees, reading and drinking, life simplicity, reassuring. Naps in the sling. Music in my bones, scent flares of memories past, gentle kisses, whiskey days, shadey stoops, hands held. Life in the moment, life of adventure, life of multitudes, life of my life, heart and soul given, heart and soul returned. The trees grow tall, the plants drink the light, the soil is renewed. Circles. Spirals. Starting. Stopping. Intertwined. Mixing and creating. Life, the soul, your purpose, our passions, we, us, you, me. The next is yet to come. The light always remains, dim, warm, hot, cool, shaded, on, never off. The warm glow of love.

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