About Kyle

dsc_0095-e1497835661200.jpgI have always made things. My family has a history in the trades and we have always done a lot of work renovating our homes. As a child, I was encouraged to spend my days outside building tree forts and creating my own universe. Every year since I can remember, instead of toys under the Christmas tree, I was given tools. When I was young, it started with a hammer and a big box of nails, and as I got older the tools became powered and more robust. In high school, I was on the robotics team as the lead builder; that was the first time I saw long term value in making things and the first time making things was celebrated instead of just a being a hobby. It was the first time I was able to teach others how to work with tools, solder aluminum joints and turn a computer model into a 3D robot, and the experience has stayed with me to this day.

I have always valued working with my hands and using my imagination to problem solve. I have transformed from a kid with a passion into a skilled craftsman that can teach others new skills and learn alongside of them. I now spend my evenings and weekends in TechShop, the DC area maker space. This space has allowed me to go beyond where I ever thought I would be by giving me tools that were always outside my reach. Now, with the tools I need to produce the million creative projects I have in my mind, I am on a journey to express myself in this beautiful maker community and space where people are encouraging and supportive of creating with your hands. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and love having friends in the shop.

I hope you will be a part of my journey by sharing your experiences and supporting me as I continue to grow as a maker.

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